AMZ package insert, Juizy Wow 2024/06

Our beverage syrup for sugar-free enjoyment with a natural taste. Each syrup makes up to 8.0l of ready-to-drink beverage.

8.0 l yield (40 glasses) Sugar-free & low-calorie Convenient to-go size Easy to dose

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Price advantage: Cheaper than comparable lemonades or juices

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Since 04.01.2024

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Sugar-free**. Low in calories.

Practical bottle.

*Preparation: Mix 2 ml JUIZY WOW with 248 ml water. 65 ml JUIZY WOW makes a total of 8 liters of soft drink. Not suitable for immediate consumption! Shake well before use.

**Sweetened with sweeteners and only 2 kcal per 100 ml of water.